Medical and Surgical Services

A Full Service Practice

Silver Lake Animal Health Center, LLC provides comprehensive preventative care services to pets of all ages in addition to onsite surgical, laboratory, and medical treatment. Our team is uniquely equipped to provide complete care for your pet onsite at the practice. We are exceptionally skilled in both internal medicine and surgery, and will assist you in caring for your pet in as direct, painless, and affordable a way as possible. At Silver Lake Animal Health Center, LLC you’re a part of the family.

Medical Services

Preventative medical care provides your pet with the opportunity to enjoy a long and full life. We work with owners and their pets to provide the highest level of service possible.

Wellness Plans

We have compiled bundles of vaccination and preventative services to provide affordable care for pets of all ages.

Flea and Tick Preventatives

We offer a selection of products to help prevent infestations of ticks and fleas during months that represent the greatest risk to your pet.

Science Diet & Prescription Diets

Silver Lake Animal Hospital is proud to offer Hills Science Diet products to cater to your pet’s specific healthy dietary needs.

Senior Pet Care

Your senior pet requires care customized to their needs. Our team is prepared to help you make the right decisions to care for your aging pet.

Weight Loss Counseling

Maintaining a healthy weight is important to your pet’s quality of life. Your pet is more likely to enjoy a long life by avoiding issues in excess weight.

Medical Files

Surgical Services

We offer a complement of services to address all your pet’s urgent and non-critical surgical needs. Our facility provides comprehensive care in a single location to streamline the treatment of your pet.


Your pet’s surgical needs can be addressed entirely onsite at Silver Lake Animal Health Center, LLC.

Radiology (x-rays)

Our facility is fully equipped with digital radiology equipment to provide onsite x-rays of your pet when the need arises.

Internal Medicine

Silver Lake Animal Health Center, LLC uniquely offers internal medical services onsite in our facility.

In-House Laboratory

Our team can provide you with detailed readings of your pet’s blood panels, tests, and labs entirely onsite at Silver Lake Animal Health Center, LLC.


Annual dental cleaning services are recommended in order to ensure the oral health and hygiene of all pets.

Surgical Files

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